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Pattaya: One dead, one seriously injured after nightclub shooting

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Pattaya: One dead, one seriously injured after nightclub shooting



Picture: Daily News


One man is dead and another reportedly in a coma in hospital after a shoot out outside a popular Pattaya nightspot last night. 


The dead man is Anuwat Suksamran, 37, who has been cast as a "big player" in the Pattaya scene and who goes by the nickname of "Tee Lai Kor Phai". He was shot multiple times in the leg, chest and back and was also stabbed in the arm, reported Daily News. 


He died in Pattaya Memorial Hospital after trouble at the Teng See pub in the Rung Land housing estate in South Pattaya. 



Picture: Daily News


Reportedly in a coma after a gunshot wound to the eye is Chatchai Srisen, 37. 


Police found the area outside the pub littered with 9 mm casings. 


Staff said that an argument developed at a birthday party attended by Anuwat. Security at the nightspot told him and people at another table to get out which angered Anuwat.


He reportedly started shooting at security first but was cut down himself in a hail of bullets. 


Police are studying CCTV and have two security men in their sights as being responsible for the death of Anuwat. 


Arrests are expected shortly with those responsible expected to give themselves up today.


Thai media spoke in general terms about the dead man calling him a "kha yai" in Pattaya. 


Source: Daily News | Daily News




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40 minutes ago, Just1Voice said:

The Old West is alive and well in Thailand. 


Exactly. The influence of modern American culture on Thailand. First we had that hip-hop nonsense in Mixx, now this.

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