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Pattaya police crack down on illegal opening; possible setback for proposed 4am closing for bars and pubs?

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1 hour ago, riverhigh said:

"Cambodia and other nearby countries allow establishments to make their own decisions as to opening hours.  Why is Thailand such a basket case?"


Let money for profit establishments make their own decisions on public safety and well-being. Get real!! So a money for profit establishment opens a bar at the end of your street and decides to stay open late to serve all the loud drunks. Its okay because he is making a profit? If this was to happen you would be running to Thai Visa with your tail behind your back complaining.

The problem there is the noise, not the fact that a bar stays open. They used to have some isolated, underground nightclubs in Bangkok that stayed up until 9am. Who can this possibly bother when there is no noise? 

I normally go to bed at 10pm and have never had an issue with noise from a bar when trying to sleep in Thailand. It's not that hard to choose a location to live that's away from this kind of stuff. 

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