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john west

Thai child's First Thai passport

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Hi Folks
I have tried to find this topic but cannot find one.
Just asking a few questions if I may and understand in the main on www.mfa.go.uk  and Thailand life and not sure if things have been amended.
Anyhow cut to the chase is it still the case that both blood parents should attend Chaeng  Wattana or a Guardian to go through the procedure.
The 2 Granddaughters  are both under 15 years of age and my Thai wife has the same surname as their Thai Id cards, which makes me believe my wife is the Guardian.
Yes, indeed we have raised them from babies and obviously apart and divorced.
If one blood parent cannot attend:-
However, not sure on this but if one cannot attend on the day a parential consent form needs to be done, but if my wife is Guardian would that be enough on its own?
Thanks for any information and at least one works away most of the time.

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adding to it

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The parents, or legal guardian in case the parents do not hold parental rights, must sign the form.  I stress legal guardian as you wife must hold legal powers over the children (which is unlikely). That she is the one who takes care of them doesn't matter. 


Only one parent has to attend, the other parent can sign at the amphur to have the signature witnessed. 

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