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Thai Wife Threatens To Kill Foreigner Husband


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It is a common saying by disgruntled wives and girlfriends.  More often it is: "I'm going to cut your penis off while you sleep"...


Only the husband or boyfriend knows if she might be dangerous...best to be very careful around a female that feels threatened she may loose access to her personal ATM machine...😮


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I've had 2 different Thai ladies, at two different times come after me with a machete.

You're supposed to take the weapon off them then have really great make up sex.


Thai ladies, violent but exciting.

So common, some guy even wrote a book about it.



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OP, please turn off your Caps Lock and please do not post in bold font either:


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3 hours ago, Arjuna said:

Thai Wife threatens to kill foreigner husband, husband has proof !

Why does the husband have to be foreign? IMO most wifes threaten to kill their husband all the time. Mine does at least twice a week , and I don't think it is because I am foreign.

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