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Thai Wife Threatens To Kill Foreigner Husband


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I refuse to ever see my wife again.

I cannot accept to be near everyone who threatens to maim (or threatens my life).


Some of the comments on these threads to me, are a Bunch of <deleted>...    Wife (or girlfriend) physically threatens to maim (or kill) and all you can think about after is: Good Sex To Calm Her Down!


I have spoken to a lot of Monks, a few of them were open to me and told me: They became Monk because they were castrated by jealous wives (or girlfriends).


Is this the same in Thailand:


There is no need for your spouse to sign the petition; however, you will probably be required to serve your spouse with the petition in person. ... Spouses often refuse to sign divorce papers because they are uncomfortable with the language used and accusations made as part of a fault divorce.

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