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Wanna marry my Thai girlfriend but there's not Embassy/Consulate of my country in Thailand. What should i do?

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I'm from Belarus and there's no Belorussian Embassy in Thailand. But to get married with my girlfriend i need to get affirmation of freedom. 

So i spend few hours already trying to figure it out and what should i do in my cases and i still can't find any information cos nobody has this problem on this forum.

Currently i'm in my home country and i can get the official document about my single status in civil registry office and then legalize it in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and take it with me to Thailand to legalize it there. I'm not sure will it work or not. 

I would be very grateful for any help. Thanks.

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From Belarus I do not know exactly,
but somewhere in that region I did the following:

a. get the document that you are free to marry in the place where you are registered, i.e. Belarus.
b. Have it translated into Thai (or into English and then into Thai) by a registered translator, if not in Yellow Pages ask Thai Embassy for a reference.

c. Have that Notarised
d. Then Min Foreign Affairs affirms the Notary
e. The Thai Embassy confirms the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
f. in Thailand, Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms Thai Embassy abroad
(with a most precious round green and red stamp on folded over corner)
g. And of you go to the Amphoe 

Note on this paper trail there is a "must complete by date".
(a.) to (f.) or to (g.), if I remember correctly, 90 days

Best go to discuss first what document the Ampoe require, possibly also :
a translated Passport
Yellow Book or Confirmation of Residence.

Alternatively, you could go for a honeymoon to Vegas, 
one says it is easier to get married there.
(Divorce is only easy if both parties agree, otherwise also a procedure as anywhere else.)

Wish you a happy life !

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22 hours ago, Captain 776 said:

Multiply her age by 2, if it less than your age......STAY SINGLE

and if it is the other way around would you recommend to get married?
Just asking 😉

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On 9/13/2019 at 5:59 AM, CharlieH said:


Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Belarus

Chancery: 2nd Floor, 50/9 SangNgoen Alley, 
Sukhuwit 55 Road, North Kolngton,
Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Tel: 08 1803 1199
Fax: 0 2712 9879
Email : [email protected] 

Office Hours:    09.00 - 17.00 ( Monday - Friday )          

Honorary consulates usually do legalize/notarized paperwork, at least the bulgarian and german don't.

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there is confuson as there is no Belarussian embassy in Thaiand, however there is as has been pointed out an Honorary consulate and it is the consulate and not the embassy that does such things.

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On 9/13/2019 at 12:43 PM, brokenbone said:

its an omen, god doesnt want you to marry a thai gf

Be grateful you have a good excuse.


BTW, don't have to have any documentation to have village wedding and then easy to leave when it all goes wrong.

Just need a cart load of baht to pay for all the free loading villagers to eat and drink at your expense.


Just remember that you DON'T have to pay sin sod to buy her from her parents.

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