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Britain may need a second Brexit referendum, says former PM Cameron

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23 minutes ago, sanemax said:

It wasnt Cameron that choose May

But he knew that the odds were good.

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2 hours ago, sanemax said:

TBF , Considering Cameron was a Remainer , he thought someone should lead the Brexit negotiations


31 minutes ago, nauseus said:

Another remainer.

Can any of the members who always say that May was a remainer explain why it was she decided to try to invoke article 50 using the royal prerogative rather than via parliamentary debate?  Was it because she already new parliament was against it or was there another reason? If the former how does that sit with her being a remainer?  If the latter could you please enlighten us all?

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3 hours ago, welovesundaysatspace said:

You know it won’t happened and the majority will be relived for Brexit to be dumped. Get a new hobby. 

You mean they will be reborn....?

You have a new hobby, what is it, looking into a.....ball.gif.30f53762ea806570af011a3c11cd848d.gif......?

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This is the same Dave Cameron who says the idea of the referendum was the biggest mistake he ever made in his life.


Now he's saying that we should have another one!


If his chums in Westminster had got on and responded to the result in the first place Brexit would be history by now and we would not be plagued with it every time we open a newspaper or turn the TV or radio on.


We're in our 4th year of it now!

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