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Suspect pretended to be police colonel to sell positions in the force for 300,000 baht

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It's an elaborate scam. The suspect and his scheme is a police plant to sort out a few dummies. Those that took up the offer will be offered early 'retirement'.

It's as good a story as any!

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12 hours ago, bangrak said:

And it's even more vicious than that: what'd you think of an officer with a spotless career, several qualifications, straight as an 'I', ending, several times, quite high on the promotion list, way above the 'cut' of vacant positions, what should have got him the higher rank any time, ...but didn't. Got demotivated, didn't participate for one year, and got the 'friendly advise' to pay for it... Against his principles(!) in the next round he simply paid the sum asked, with family money, ...and was promoted! Ergo: as good as you might be, you won't get the promotion without paying for it!

(Considering the small difference in wages from one rank to the next one above, the reason for most to want a promotion, is to be found 'elsewhere', and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with honour, but rather with, erm, 'other means of gratification'...)

Thailand is the polar opposite of a meritocracy, in a hundred different areas. Most notably in the army and the administration. 

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