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Moving Apps from Internal memory to External SD card

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Maybe old-hat for more advanced users, which I'm not, so sharing for low to mid-level Users like me. 


Added an SD card to my 3 year old Samsung phone recently, which has modest 16gb Internal Phone Memory.  Moved photos, vids and some Apps to the SD card but noticed some Apps weren't able to be moved, so I still get the occassional "Low Storage Space" warning. 


Came across this vid showing how to turn on the phone's "Developer Mode", which is normally hidden from view - I had no idea about it.  Afterward, able to toggle on a setting allowing Apps to be "force" moved onto the SD card.  Worked as advertised, allowing a more comfortable margin for the phone's internal memory. 



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Can't move everything, like the stock Apps that came with the phone, but some of the ones you've installed that couldn't be moved, can be.  Give it a try.  Cheers, 55J.

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