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The getting old curse – How are you dealing with it?

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17 hours ago, Tony125 said:

If you think after a long time of not doing exercise or physical exersion/work your going to start shoveling dirt again like a young buck you are in for a rude awakening. You  say "at my age" im not doing boring exercise --your only a few years older than me and you agreed that if you don't use it you lose it.  Shoveling dirt is an extrteem workout and if you have not stayed in shape and you push it you will wake up unable to move due to the sweeling and inflamation caused by overexsertion to your muscles ,joints. At 77 living a sedentary life that you can no longer bend over to tie your shoes you think your going to bend over and shovel tons of dirt ? You can blow out your rotator cuffs, damage/strain back wrists or heart.

Jai yen jai yen. I shovel dirt all the time, build stuff all the time, help with the shearing etc. I just can't bend over enough to do up shoe laces and can't be bothered doing the stretches to be able to do so.

The only thing different about this load of dirt is that it's a lot more than usual, and will take me a few weeks to complete the project.

However, in LOS my last year, it's true I did almost no physical work at all, except walking up stairs to my hotel room, and helping the maid make my bed. I've been back in the world over a year now, doing stuff.

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14 hours ago, Olmate said:

Do what most Thai,s do, hire some one from  Myanmar

I live a loooooong way from Thailand now.

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17 hours ago, RJRS1301 said:

I hope your "core" is in reasonable condition and shoulders may also need some build up before continuously shovelling tons of dirt by hand, not to mention your hip flexors.


See my reply to Tony.

Since I've been back home I've shoveled several tons of dirt, but this project is going to be the biggest and take longer to complete than previously.

I actually ask the farmer for physical projects to do, specifically to keep reasonably fit, as I refuse to join a gym and pay to do the same thing as I do at the farm. Fencing with a spade and rammer is hard work, which is why most farmers use a machine now.

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