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The getting old curse – How are you dealing with it?

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For a start I avoid mirrors at all costs, but I also try not to think about death being just around the corner, it's inevitable anyway and can only cause major depression if you become too fixated on

i stay with people who have a younger mind set. i had to tell a lifelong friend to stop with the old folks jokes because they don't apply to me.   i am 64 and go dancing in clubs in Bangkok

I fire up a bowl, take a walk, take some pics, eat a steak or something good and then go to a GoGo/Mixx/Thermae after taking my meds. That way if I dont wake up the next morning, I had a good time the

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The previous poster said, Before you were born where were you? What did you think. What did you enjoy or suffer. It will be like that again . That is all.

Of course, like everyone, he has no idea of what we were before this life or will be after. We have no recollections of anything prior to this life for here we are bound by time and space. Those are our limitations. We could have been having a party before we were born for all he knows, getting ready for our time on earth. I suspect Jimi Hendrix was tuning up at the end of WW2,  preparing to enter the world to offer a new dimension to the drab 1950s.

 As our time nears its end, we are terrified on two counts: we don't know where we are going, and at the same time we see our own physical deterioration.

For the former I recommend Buddhism, energy changes form, it cannot die. Today you are a human, in the next life you may be a tree. That's not too bad if you live in a National Park, plenty of friends.

For the second, physical deterioration -mixing with young people is wonderful, especially grandchildren, a child aged two and its natural curiosity is a delight to see, and for older kids, they may be pleased to have someone older help with the homework and offer advice.

But it's also good to be close to a friend from your youth. someone who is going through the same thing, someone with shared memories from days gone past. But not everybody is lucky enough to have someone like this.

But then there is always the music, preserved on the internet, frozen in time, reminding us of passionate days gone by. Thank God for rock music. the 60s and early 70s were wonderful. What a time to be young.

Stand up in respect, and rock till you drop.

Jeez, the Stones are still going at 75!


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2 hours ago, Sujo said:

Im ‘only’ 56. But i look older and my body feels old.


I go out drinking with younger friends, they tease me, i play up to it, then take home a young filly.

Maybe stop drinking. If they keep it up, they will look much older at your age also.  Alcohol isn't kind on the body.

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Realise that you are in one of the best places on the chillout scale - imagine yourself with no money and ill health in the west! Having said that, one can still be isolated among family. Trust you are meeting friends regularly? 


Sometimes wish I was older and retired - having perhaps grown up in 50s America with them big cars and easy going dames. At the end of the day, we're all doomed.


Try some of these:


Don't take life seriously; it's all bollllox

Travel more

Watch your carbs (esp sugar)

More water (with sea salt)

Eat loads of cow

Meet new folk

Do stuff different everyday


Deep breathing

Read Tolkien

Listen to Floyd

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10 hours ago, PatOngo said:

Some herbal relaxation medicine may be the answer!

Image result for dope buds


What about if you've packed up smoking! Having a puff of weed might get you back on the fags again.


It took me nearly 6 months to pack up and that was with the help of Champix. I really swear by Champix tablets, I'd never have quit without them.

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