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Interior Ministry checks Bueng Kan waterworks operations

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Interior Ministry checks Bueng Kan waterworks operations




BUENG KAN (NNT) - Bueng Kan province is among the provinces in which economic expansion plans require the improvement of existing infrastructure. The province is installing tap water facilities to support the expansion of residential areas and the industrial sector.


A Deputy Minister of the Interior, Songsak Thongsri has visited to observe the operations at the Bueng Kan Provincial Waterworks Authority Office, which has been serving the province in keeping with the government’s policies, especially the Thailand 4.0 policy which requires more technological implementation in services.


The Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) can now serve customers without requesting any photocopy of official documents, and can provide special services to holders of welfare cards who use less than 100 baht’s tap water in their household each month. The PWA also has flood response measures in place to prevent disruptions to tap water production and delivery to the general public.


The Deputy Interior Minister said Bueng Kan province will soon benefit from the 5th Thailand-Laos Friendship Bridge across the Mekong River connecting Bueng Kan to Paksan, which will lead to economic expansion and an increase in consumption of utilities by a larger population as well as the industrial sector, requiring the PWA to ensure sufficient capacity to meet with the expected higher demand.



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