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Passport photos to UK requirement specifications.

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Even doing that I found that one of my busy local Kodak shops took 3 goes at getting it right. OP should be specifying where he lives and asking if any local Brit expats have experience of a local photo shop taking the instructions and doing it right! More likely in Khon Kaen than Chaiyaphum I would expect due to more expats in that town.


I always use the facilities in the processing agents of visas rather than photo shops given my prior experience - don't know whether the current UK passport office renewals involve a visit to Trendy. Ah yes I see it does and that Richard Barrow also recommends getting your passport photos in that building:



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18 hours ago, sanemax said:

go into a photo shop and show them the requirements and get them to do it . the requirements can be downloaded and printed out

From here:


Not much magic involved.

Don't smile, think about exchange rates :biggrin:


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