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15 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

There is sex and then there is SEX.

And let's not forget Charlie Sheen's: "I pay them to leave"


If you don't mind tell us some statistics:

- how many of them were mostly interested in money?

- how many were desirable?

- how much did you pay/invest before you had sex?

- how much headache did you have after the sex when you didn't want to see them again?


I know there is a big difference between looking for sex and looking for a long term romantic relationship. And there are obviously different criteria. The way you describe it for you it's not so much about a long term relationship.




I didn't pay and didn't invest anything. I paid for dinner and after that it was either their place or mine. 


None of them were interested in money, I know it may be difficult to comprehend to some here. Some of them would even pick me up and chauffer me around. 


That Charlie Sheen quote is hilarious. He's Charlie Sheen, you people are not. 


Now, I do admit that any long term relationship on tinder will not be with a girl that is pretty and drops her panties on first or second night. There is a tradeoff to everuthing. 


As I wrote before honestly during my marriage I was hardly getting any. 


And I can assure you one thing. Sex with these girls was a anything but boring. They are genuinely into all kind of staff. For details you can pm me. 


I'm meeting someone now... Will reply later... 👀😬



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6 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Obviously you are right that most of us are not exactly Charlie Sheen.

But I heard it from more than one guy here that they decided to pay for play after they experience some women who didn't accept that the guys didn't want to see them anymore.

I heard stories about a girl waiting outside of the guy's apartment building to make trouble because he didn't want to see her anymore. And it seems that problem is not unusual. Good luck if you don't have that problem.



I been single again.. must say tinder is a blessing.. same as the OP and in good shape seems to help. But most on tinder that I met are not looking for one night stands. So I would not really call it a replacement for the bar scene (if that is your thing).


But like the OP paying for it.. no need unless you want sex on the first date and so on. Maybe you can have girls that are a lot prettier if you pay. Quite possible. But i find tinder useful for screening those who understand English and those who dont.

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5 hours ago, BritManToo said:

She dumped you because you didn't pay.


Well I had her for 2 weeks. 


That's fine. 

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"I don't know why anyone pays for sex here."

I know why, they are members of the "fat, ugly, tattooed" brigade.

They have to get sex some way.😀

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16 hours ago, Pravda said:

I don't know why anyone pays for sex here.

You always pay. Just because you didn't hand her cash doesn't mean you didn't pay.


You pay for dinner, you pay for drinks, you pay with your time and energy going through messages and phone calls and dates. And in many cases you pay with anxiety and stress when you've got a new stalker following you and bombarding you with texts and phone calls. How much does a typical date cost? Dinner and drinks is easily 1000-2000 baht. You could rent one for that without wasting time on messages and dates.


I of course prefer not to pay - it's much better when I know they like me and not my wallet - but with very few exceptions I usually get <deleted> quality matches from Tinder. In person in clubs however I can get hot girls (both working and non-working), so <deleted> Tinder. I'm generally not interested in dating or talking to them - just sex - and block them afterwards so I don't need to do either. That helps set expectations, and you'd be surprised how many girls would still bang you anyway, knowing they're blocked.

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