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Do you like Thai people?

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Just now, Nyezhov said:

Nice Topic Yinn. 


Personally, I have 99% positive view of Thai folks as I have always been treated with honesty and respect, although I think the Fruit Lady short weighted me last night on some grapes overcharging me 5 baht. She needs it more than me. Hope I dont go bankrupt.


I think Thai folks, men and women, are generally cool, maybe some of the coolest folks around, and if I didnt like them, I wouldnt have been coming here for so long. I give a smile and a nod, I get one back. Works for me.


I just wish you all wouldnt drive like maniacs and I wish you all would take more care of your environment.

I can't say that there are nationalities i like more then others, for me its more about finding common ground and communicating. Thais have some bad habits like how some of them drive and litter. Then again if there were not many checks in my country people would drive bad too.


Before we had a lot of drivers drinking and driving and only with enforcement did it stop. Its not about good or bad.. its about enforcement. 


I must say I have some really nice Thai people near me and some bad ones. Kinda like how it would be back where I am from.


Right now we got parking wars going on in front of my home, some idiots have 3 cars and there is just not enough place. So they are all not happy lots of gossip and anger. But not a Thai thing just a design thing.

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6 minutes ago, LennyW said:

Yinn, dont use Thaivisa as a gauge, there is a disproportionate amount of complaining foreigners on here, but these types will complain and look for faults wherever they are, 

Thailand have fault, ok. Sure.

But why really hate us? Not just complain. Hate. Really.


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4 minutes ago, Curt1591 said:

The same can be said about most Thais' opinions of foreigners. Plus, they have all the movie stereotypes by which to judge us. 

Show me where Thai people write this thing about foreigner.

Show me one example. I never see it. I read a lot.

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1 minute ago, BritManToo said:

Those of us who live here discover what Thai people are actually like when the mask is off.

Tourists just see the (false) smiles, and think 'how friendly'.

Ok, you one that don’t like. 

Up to you. 

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