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HCMC Single Entry Non O (Family)

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I'm planning on going to Saigon to get a Single Entry Non O (Family) next week, has anybody on here done this recently (I can see loads of reports about the multiple entry 1 year spouse visa, but nothing for the single entry family).


Requirements on the website are pretty simple:


For family member of Thai nationals / Dành cho người có các thành viên gia đình khác là người Thái

  • Copy of Thai child’s birth certificate/ ID card / Bản sao giấy khai sinh/CMND Thái Lan hợp pháp.
  • Copy of Thai child's house registration book / Bản sao hộ khẩu Thái Lan hợp pháp.


For the spouse visa they ask for them to be "certified" which I've seen Ubon Joe mention means "signed".

Would I be right in thinking then that these documents don't need signing, or would be be better to have the mother sign them and have her ID and Tambien Baan copy with me as well to be on the safe side?


Also, I'm court registered as the father, it is worth taking a copy of the judgement with me or is there no way they will ask for this?


Would be great if the documents didn't have to be signed, it would save me a load of headache with the mother...


Thanks in advance.





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All copies need to be signed for any visa application. 

You only need copies of your child's birth certificate and house book registry. You can sign the copies as their father.

I would take the document for the legalization of your parent hood in case they ask for it.


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Ah right, yeah that makes sense now thinking about it, lol... 🙂


Thanks Joe.

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