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"Polite" robber with a note steals 300,000 baht from Chonburi gold shop


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"Polite" robber with a note steals 300,000 baht from Chonburi gold shop



Picture: Daily News


A robber was described as polite in the Thai media after he apologized for holding up a gold shop in Chonburi. 


He even requested that he could make his getaway before the police were called.


But a chilling note and the use of a gun left staff and the owner of the Yaowarat branch at Nong Chak market in shock. 


The man wearing a white Nike cap and surgical mask walked into the shop and handed over a note in Thai that said:


"Don't make a noise. Put the gold and cash in the bag. The gold belongs to the shop. Your life is yours. There is no need to get killed". 


He was holding a gun and staff complied by putting 14 baht weight (about 300,000 baht's worth) of gold jewelry in a plastic bag. 


Before he left the shop he said: "I'm sorry but I need to do this. Let me get away before you call the police". 


Ban Bung police are investigating after the robbery yesterday evening. 


Source: Daily News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-09-19
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Seems that there are plenty of gold shop robberies at the moment, saw one on the news just before I came out for my usual Thursday bevvie, a guy wearing a Thai post uniform and driving a Thai post van robbed a gold shop somewhere, I don't think it will be too long before he is nabbed 

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