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Back in in july 2015 met a ladywho i fell for and we seen each other a lot on my visits 

fast foward to july 2016 and i decided she should come to Australia, she was excited , paid a visa agent i think then was 25,000 baht and he got it for us 


i had met her family, parents etc from Sakon akon ,stayed at the family house etc


in November 2016 she was supposed to come to Australia, however she blocked me on FB , messenger etc 


i sent money to her friends to find out what happened to her, she had found a israeli guy in Phuket who owned a restaurant and moved in with him 


fast forward to last week, i get messages and pics of her in hospital 


the pics look genuine , she has some tumour in the throat 


now she didnt message / mention anything about the last  3 years and either did i, it was just her asking how i was , telling me she is in hospital etc , not asking for money and I wouldn’t give it anyway 


after some of ours conversation on this facebook messenger , i said take care and signed off 


again still receiving messages however i haven’t answered 


now let me say this, i was heartbroken back then when she did this to me , i had plans for us to be together, spent a lot of money etc ,and was deeply hurt


now i have lost that feelings for her , i have a little sympathy and really want to ask what the F went on those years ago ???


So why nw, after 3 years?

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38 minutes ago, Tayaout said:

You should send a picture of you with your wife, kid and dog from your yacht. 


The OP doesn't sound as if he seeks vengeance  as you're implying he should do.



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