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Pangasius fillets?

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I'm with you on this one.  I ordered some from Tops but you're right about fish from farms in Vietnam.     Most places can't tell you if the fish they sell is wild caught or farm raised.

Take the time to click and read.   Edit: Just saw you don't care about your health or the quality of the fish. Then cheap factory farmed, chemical laced and water gouged fish is ok for you t

pangasius is garbage and I cant come at it at all but daughter loves it. Coming from Australia I am used to very fresh caught ocean fish/seafood that was swimming in clean water something that is hard

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8 hours ago, Zagor said:

How popular are pangasius fillets in Thailand? Have you seen him in street food?.


Is it part of the original Thai cuisine? it should be, because fish inhabit the waters of South and Southeast Asia


I don't know if Pangasius is common in Thai street food or not but there are lot's of them (Pla Sawai) in the Chao Phraya river but the amateur fisherman don't want them because they say they are "mai aroy".

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