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TM30: Government secretary promises action within two months

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19 minutes ago, londonthai said:

if just a few days ago they promised a brand new tm30 application it means, that they are not going to abolish this law. They would just enforce it with a better functioning tool and will be more strict with executing it 

If there is a good app for doing it that works fast then I don't see the problem. If the app works good and gives no problem. I did a tm 30 was not fined for not doing it but was a bit of a hassle to get all the papers.

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As far as my experience goes the only app from the government, which really works, is the one for the driving license. The 90 days' app has still to be tested, at least I got my username and account up in about 2 minutes. For the section 38 I wait for the account confirmation about 8 weeks now. (Nakhon Ratchasima)

Re-register for the TM30 online using the website ( posters are reporting that username and passwords are being issued instantly now ) and then log in on the Section 38 app.

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