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Elite 6th year Official

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Hi everyone,


I open this thread to gather all source of information concerning the issues (or non issues) regarding the "bonus year" from Elite visa.


As we now know, things may be more complicated that they seemed at first. Elite is putting pressure for members not to go beyond the original 5 years and threatened that they contacted immigration to let them know of potential violations.


The fact that immigration let the members come in with 1 year permit and that now these people can face legal issues, including a 1 year ban is scary to say the least. In our case, we were suggested by CW IOs to do it as it was entitled.


If anyone in this situation gets any updates, do their 90 days report from now on, re entry permits, leave or come back to Thailand, please feel free to share it here so that it can help others as to where things stand.


I hope we can gather a lot of useful information as we are in uncharted territories. This thread is not to open debates and insult each others but to gather concrete facts that will be helpful to people.


I will go to CW myself next week to ask IOs about the situation and will report back here what information I get.


Thank you all in advance!



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I understand but there are several threads where people answer and it gets scattered. I offer this one solely on the purpose to gather everything together. Just to get facts, no debates about who think they are right. Hope it will catch on

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