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No arrest warrants in mysterious death of Bangkok model that has gripped Thailand

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No arrest warrants in mysterious death of Bangkok model that has gripped Thailand



Images: Sanook


Police in Bangkok have said that justice will prevail and that no arrest warrants have yet been issued in the death of a Bangkok drinks party hostess. 


Now another hostess is believed to hold the key to her death. 


The case of the death of Thitima Naraphanphiphat or "Lanlabelle" has captivated Thailand this week with the public and media speculating on every possible angle. 


She was found dead on a sofa in the lobby of a condominium in the Bang Khun Thian area on Tuesday night. 


CCTV footage showed her being carried there by a man who had attended a drinks party on the other side of town with her. She appeared unconscious. 


Ratchadech Wongthabut or "Nam Un" has been the subject of much of the speculation about his involvement in Lanlabelle's death. The family of the victim have voiced their concern about his role.


Chief of the Region 8 metropolitan police Maj-Gen Samrit Tongtao said that no arrest warrants had been issued in the case as the police were waiting for the full details from the autopsy.




After a meeting with police working on the case Maj-Gen Samrit said that contrary to claims on social media it was not true that "Nam Un" had a date rape drug in his possession.


He just had condoms and an aphrodisiac. 


Samrit promised a full investigation and justice to all. 


A national police spokesman also implored the Thai public to let the police get on with their job and stop speculating on the case, reported TNA. 


There is no chance of that as the media clamber to get every lead they can. 


Maj-Gen Samrit provided one tantalizing clue about the possible resolution of the case, however. 


He said that there were ten people at the drinks party where Lanlabelle was paid to entertain clients.


Nine people have been interviewed but one remains - a "pretty" who holds the key, he said.


Source: TNA



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-09-21


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2 hours ago, NanLaew said:

I can only surmise that this Nam Un chap is uber-connected. Not in the same league as a Yoovidhaya you understand but possibly a bit more of a Thephasadin Na Ayudhya than a Viraporn.

but connected none the less.

Since when did a pretty ever mean anything to these guys?

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