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Koh Samui: Russian found dead next to carcass of his favorite dog


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Koh Samui: Russian found dead next to carcass of his favorite dog



Image: Thai Rath


Mystery surrounds the death of a Russian man found dead beside his favorite pet dog yesterday.


Koh Samui police and rescue teams were called to a large two story house surrounded by a wall in Mae Nam Soi 3. 

In a downstairs living room on an old bed they found the body of the 51 year old house owner. The Russian man had been dead for about 6-7 days.


He was face up dressed in black shorts and covered by a green blanket. 


Nearby was the carcass of a large dog. 


Both man and dog were in an advanced state of decomposition, the smell of which had alerted neighbors. 


Due to the decomposition police and medical teams were unable to determine the cause of death and the body of the Russian was taken away for an autopsy.


Neighbors said he had lived at the property for many years and despite occasional visits from friends or relatives he was the kind of man that kept himself to himself. 


But they said that he loved dogs and he would be seen every day walking his favorite pet in the neighborhood. That was the dog that had died. 


The house has been sealed off with a Region 8 Surat Thani forensics team expected to do a thorough examination of the property today. 


Source: Thai Rath



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-09-21
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