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Hi please could anyone advise on the best way to go about doing the above? TIA

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From Dirham (AED) to Dollar (USD) in Thailand?

As far as I know you would have to go through changing to THB and then changing to USD according the the note rates?

Twice exchange will cost you some extra loss.


Popular money changers in Bangkok show AED with low trade margin (~ 8.25/8.35).

Same for USD of course.









So it shouldn't be rocket science?

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In Thailand you will have to exchange AED to Baht, then change Baht to USD.


If you have a very large quantity to change you need to consider getting a cheap flight to the UAE to change the currency directly to USD.


If you intend flying to the USA to use the dollars one option is to take an Emirates flight guys the UAE so you can do the exchange there.


As I mentioned, it depends on the quantity.

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