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Coffee Farm with 7 rai of income producing coffee

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     You are above the first cloud layer with a spectacular view of the Chiang Rai valley and the lights of Chiang Rai city in the distance at night, The 7 year old coffee is high mountain Arabica grown at 1400 meters. A concrete road runs next to coffee farm. There is a spring in the a small banana cove behind, and up hill of the house, feeding down to 3 small ponds. The house is 9.6 meters x 6.4 meters, large windows and double doors open up to the East Southeast view of the valley, and the sunrise. Water, electricity and septic system. An organic garden on flat area next to house with terraced slope in front, for garden additions. Fruit and nut trees on property. House needs some finishing work. Their are small shop in the Lisu Hill-tribe village, a 5 kilometer walk. A 10 min. drive down to a small town with restaurants, hardware store and a market with fresh fruit and vegetables. A 40 min. drive to Chiang Rai city. At this elevation cool evenings and in its a 2 blanket winter. No light pollution, so a star filled universe greets you. 


     Price is 3.8 million baht for house on 1 rai, and 6 rai of coffee land.  Or house on 1 rai of land for 1 Million baht.

call Steven @ 081 386-1385 or email: stvnpatton@yahoo.com



Farm 2018 001.jpg

Photos Past 004.jpg

My House Hau Saan.jpg

Photos Past 021.jpg

Photos Past 017.jpg

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