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Teenager Thunberg angrily tells U.N. climate summit 'you have stolen my dreams'

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You go girl hold their feet to the fire make them face what’s happening so all of us can start making responsible changes and grow into a more sustainable world I’m proud of you kiddo!

And first of all make her shut up. 

Small point that needs clarifying. It was Greta's parents that filled her head with confusion, hate and panic, ergo they "stole her dreams". Textbook child abuse really. When she gets bored of this cl

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18 minutes ago, RickBradford said:

What do you expect?


They tried it with the cuddly polar bears and that didn't work, so they had to come up with something better, and a troubled 16-year-old schoolgirl fit the bill magnificently.


I tend to absolve Greta "Corky" Thunberg from blame; the poor little thing has no idea what's going on, with the climate or anything else.


However, the cadre of activists behind her are displaying utterly revolting manipulation, but hey, that's what activists do.



Evidence of this manipulation?

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22 minutes ago, samran said:

Wow, after 112 pages - such originality. I gave you a 7/10 though. 


You hit a lot of the talking points:


- Poor Gretta (cue crocodile tears)

- Abusive parents 

- Stolen childhood (nice touch that one)

- Actor parents!!!!!!

- Totalitarian left

- liberals!!!!!!!!


Not bad for a new poster. 


You missed a few obvious ones though. 


- her ‘mental issues’

- no mention of her sail boat

- you didn’t dig the foot enough into the Swedes.


I would have given you bonus points if you could have blamed that Muslim Obama for all of this, but for a newbie, not bad...

Well, yes. There are many obvious issues in dealing with poor little Greta. And of course, many people will recognize obvious truths and post them.


Her mental illness: Yes, that makes her abuse even worse.

I don't care about her sail boat.

The Swedes? Meh. They've got trouble enough dealing with the results of *diversification*. I see no reason to pound on them any further. It's a parenting issue, not an issue of national identity.

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3 minutes ago, Crazy Alex said:

Her temper tantrum, er, speech. No child becomes this emotional about something without being terrorized. Logic dictates it was her actor parents.



Evidence of hatred:



If you think this happens without adults making it happen, there's no amount of evidence that will ever satisfy you.


Good day.



No, your political biases are determining that. For you and the likeminded, this is just a Rorschach test.

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