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Teenager Thunberg angrily tells U.N. climate summit 'you have stolen my dreams'

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1 hour ago, Odysseus123 said:

Hmmm..go Greta go!


But then I am not engaging in psuedo-intellectualism am I?


I am merely pointing out the very close link between Trumpists,Brexiteers,mysogonists ,climate change denialists,alternative rightests and addicts of the internet in general.


My academic qualifications at least allow me to ponder on these subjects..


I guess that you wouldn't like to see another photo of our native birds,eh?

what is the link between brits wanting to leave EU

and republicans in USA ? and how do you link them two closely

to 'climate change denialists', which is in itself a misnomer,

since the group you now refer to generally aknowledge

that climate has changed over history, -unlike the activists

that deny there ever was a medieval warm period or minor ice age.


this is such a bunch of confusion that it indicates you

just fired up a cannabis bong and think that qualify as education.

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8 minutes ago, Odysseus123 said:

But an adult does not base their opinons on a bunch of a climate denialists posting on a free internet site,nu?


Climate denialiats who cannot admit to any form of academic qualifiications,who persistently support brexit,Trump.alt right wing propaganda,and who support misogyny on a grand scale are not to be taken seriously.


When challenged not a single one of then cam provide a single piece of evidence that they have ever visited Thailand in their lives which seems kinda strange for a Thailand forum.


Gone down the drain where they belong..

firstly, i dont deny medieval warm period and minor ice age,

can you confirm whether you accept that part of climate history or deny it ?


secondly im retired and didnt bring my engineering graduate papers when i moved to thailand,

i had zero intent to work in thailand, i couldnt give a rats ar$e what england do,

but i think politicians should obey the vote they asked for on principal a basis,

this is exactly the field where consensus has any kind of legitimacy.


thirdly just give me a suggestion of what you constitute as proof

that i live in pattaya and ill see if its a reasonable request

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A large number of bickering/personal/off topic posts removed.


Given the deterioration and age of this topic, it is now CLOSED.

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