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Katherine Patient

budgeting for my 6 week trip to Myanmar

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Hi there,

I would be interested to find out how much money I will need for covering food and accommodation whilst travelling in Myanmar. I like to stay in a clean hotel with my own facilities, I would say budget to mid range as I am from the UK and as the US dollar to UK pound is very weak at the moment I need to make sure I have enough money.

It would also be useful to hear of anything that I may need that may be hard to buy in Myanmar.

I do hope that you can help


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on all my trips throughtout the country,traveling by Plane,train,boat,bus, motorcycle, horse cart i budget $50/day for everything.

traveling alone decent accommodations with air con, breakfast runs $20-30/night

food $4-8/day, travel expenses,


Nothing you cant find in Burma unless u need specific meds



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In case you eat local food, it will cost you like 1000 kyats in my experience.


Just had a medium pizza at pizza company, it was like 12000 kyats.


edit: I noticed this subject was old,, maybe it will still help someone.

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