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U.S. House to launch Trump impeachment inquiry over Ukraine controversy

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Don't you realize that Trump is a corrupt president ?   Even as a Republican you should not want to keep a president like this.      

This will hurt Biden and help Trump. Funny, it was only a few months ago that he was about to be impeached for colluding with Russia to game an election. It looks like they are desperate to impeach Tr

With Trumps record of turning the Democrats attacks into an expose of Democrat incompetence and villainy. You would think they would have learned their lesson. But when your candidates are a bunch of

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40 minutes ago, riclag said:

 The WH is sending a letter to Pelosi . The WH,is not gonna cooperate with the radical dems, illegal Impeachment inquiry! 


"Why it matters: By putting in writing the case that Trump and his supporters have been making verbally for days, the White House is preparing for a court fight and arguing to the public that its resistance to Congress' requests is justified"




 Polosi will soon have to have a vote in the house on formal impeachment,give the POTUS due process rights and give house GOP members Subpoena Power in calling witnesses .

It's about time to expose these radical dems who are subjecting America to be further divided! 

Bring it on  





Thanks! I did not know this website and it seems to have good short news articles. The one on Volker's testimony is interesting. 


I don't think they will organise a vote before having made enough interviews, so that they will be able to present a more informed case.

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57 minutes ago, Tippaporn said:

I watched the video.  Stunning!  The interviewer even questions her remark and she responds with a blatant lie, on national television no less.  She needs to resign.  My feeling is she has as much to to hide as Schiff and Nadler.  Ditto Maxine Waters.  My how she lives a luxurious life on a government payroll.


You think elected officials who lie should resign?  I agree.  No need for impeachment then.

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54 minutes ago, Tippaporn said:

Scroll down a bit further and you'll see another headline.  NYT: U.S. envoys drafted statement committing Ukraine president to Biden probe


The Dems have bitten off more they can chew.  They've opened Pandora's box.  And it will destroy them.

Why do you think this drafted statement is anything other than further proof of clueless incompetence and/or corruption in the Trump administration?

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