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U.S. House to launch Trump impeachment inquiry over Ukraine controversy

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Just now, Crazy Alex said:

Of course he says Biden is a crook! Biden's kid scored a cush gig in Ukraine right after getting kicked out of the Navy for being a drug addict. Hunter got his gig right after Joe was put in charge of affairs with Ukraine.


In fact, it appears the walls were closing in on Hunter and Shokin was looking to question Hunter Biden when Joe Biden got him fired via extortion (emphasis added):


"The controversy ignited anew earlier this year when I disclosed that Joe Biden admitted during a 2018 videotaped speech that, as vice president in March 2016, he threatened to cancel $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, to pressure Ukraine’s then-President Petro Poroshenko to fire Shokin.


"At the time, Shokin’s office was investigating Burisma. Shokin told me he was making plans to question Hunter Biden about $3 million in fees that Biden and his partner, Archer, collected from Burisma through their American firm. Documents seized by the FBI in an unrelated case confirm the payments, which in many months totaled more than $166,000."




Yeah, how dare Trump call Biden a crook!

John Solomon is pretty much alone in his version of what happened.

Shokin's deputy said the investigation had been dropped over a year before Biden asked for him to be dismissed. The Ukrainian parliament embers overwhelmingly said the same wanted him dismissed. He hadn't managed to bring an indictment against any of the suspected members of Ukraine's kleptocracy. Poroshenko was protecting him.

Shokin did pursue some anti-corruption investigations. One as against a major anti-corruption NGO. Another was against prosecutors who were prosecuting some of Shokin's investigators after a large number of valuable jewels were found in their possession. 

So no, at the time of Biden's call, Shokin wasn't investigating Burisma. 

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Off-topic, nonsensical troll posts and replies removed along with a post violating Fair Use Policy.  


Stay on topic or face a suspension.  


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This is the final WARNING to stop with the trolling and baiting.   Asking nonsensical questions in order to deflect from the discussion is trolling.  


You have been warned.  


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"Let's just stay very focused on impeachment, okay?"

Jeff Zucker, President, CNN from the devastating CNN

whistleblower video. Now that's a whistleblower. Unafraid

to show his face. Nothing to hide.


Makes it so clear to understand why the impeachment

drums are always beating hard and fast.

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Off-topic posts removed.  


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