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Vietnam monthly apartment, room or hotel rentals

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Vietnam section. Can somebody please give me addresses and contact details of monthly apartments, rooms in a house or hotels that give a good monthly rate anywhere in Vietnam. Plan on staying anywhere from one to three months. Perhaps longer. 

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I suspect many people will not respond because they have happily moved on with their lives in Vietnam and have no desire to keep up with TVF. Besides, there's now a Vietnam forum, and if I were living

Da Nang, I stayed at Viha Beach Apartment, about 350bht/night for a small double room with English movie channels. 100m from the beach, view of the beach, very quiet, shared kitchen with free wat

So true this guy always seems upset soon as we dare to consider moving on. Why the heck he cares where we gonna live??  fyi : the other sad thing about him is that he only comes up with why he lo

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To the OP


Glad to see you have already had a couple of helpful replies.

You might get more if you ask in the TVF Vietnam forum




You could request your question be moved to there.

PM a moderator or report your own topic merely asking for it to be moved.


Good Luck

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Just now, bkk6060 said:

Maybe best to go and stay in a hotel for a few days check things out.


But golly, with all the 100's if not 1000' s who claim they have moved there you would think this thread would be full of information about all the fantastic places to stay.


Good luck.

It is in the TVF visa section though, those who have moved to Vietnam or are living there might not be too much interested in Thai visas etc.



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Hotels are very cheap in Vietnam, and you often get discounts on long stays, especially monthly. I have been staying in hotels in Vietnam for 2 years now :have my regular places in cities I visit on a regular basis. Where in Thailand can you get a spotless room with cable TV, fridge, hot water and Air-con for as little as 10 USD? Saigon and especially Hanoi will be significantly more expensive than the rest of Vietnam, just like hotels in Central Bkk will be almost twice as much as you pay in the rest of Thailand (well Phuket and Hua Hin are pretty expensive too)


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Look on Peter big Adventure in Vietnam and enjoy...  There are a treasure of information here to live in Hanoi and where to look for any information on living in Vietnam.






Look on Peter big Adventure in Vietnam and enjoy...

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