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Pattaya: Prostitution finally found - foreign sex workers arrested

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so the African girl gets deported and the others get a warning, meanwhile the Thai's are nowhere to be found

This occupation is reserved to Thai. 

I don't understand why they publish such a ridiculous news. What is the point? Every bar in Thailand is a brothel. Most Farangs come to Thailand for the sole purpose of visting brothels where they can

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15 hours ago, Geeyore said:

Thought it was Claudia Lennear, but wadda I know. Def was a Jagger squeeze.




They where both stunning. it could have been either one ! Well whenever I hear that song I will think of both of them...

Best regards

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19 minutes ago, Airbagwill said:

So you think having sex with someone like you isn't working your <deleted> off???????

lol ... you missed the "overall" message. 


Pls scroll back up and take a look to what specific post , and type of girls described, did I reply this quote to?


I didn't say all girls, but the ones mentioned in this post. 


It's not good to defend these kind of girls and argue against other guys over them 😉

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Prostitution in the family destination Pattaya, this cannot be right.

This must be fake news for sure, the next will be that Pattaya have foreign criminals and gangsters too. 

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On 9/26/2019 at 2:52 PM, Kerryd said:

A lot actually.

If there wasn't a market for it, they wouldn't be here. Same for the ladyboys, the wannabe ladyboys, the "rather chubby" girls and the Russian/Uzbek hookers. If there wasn't a demand for them, you wouldn't see them at all.

Years ago there used to be a semi-regular "round up" of Uzbeki hookers on Walking Street. I wrote a post about it and someone basically called me a liar and said it didn't happen so I went back through about 2 years of ThaiVisa threads and linked all the times there was an article about another round up of Uzbeki hookers. 

Of course I was right. For awhile it was almost like clockwork that every 3-4 months there'd be another announcement that the police had arrested a bunch of them and they were being deported.

I had a suspicion that what was really happening was that their pimps were simply using the police to get rid of the "old stock" so they could bring in a fresh batch of girls. I figured that maybe for the first few weeks the girls were earning their keep but then started keeping more of their earnings for themselves.

When their earnings dropped to a certain point, their pimps would alert the police who'd round them up and deport them (at gov't expense of course). Saves the pimps from having to fly them home !


People wondered back then what the attraction was as most people coming to Thailand weren't looking for "white women". According to one of the Uzbekis, they would target "old white men sitting alone in beer bars".

Why ?

Because many of those "old white men" were lonely, couldn't speak the local language and were maybe a little homesick. 

Suddenly there's a white chick that speaks English (as most of the Uzbeki hookers apparently did) sitting next to you, letting you know she's available for more than just a quick grope of your upper thigh.
Hook, line and sinker. 

And most of them were not exactly "top quality". (The better ones either end up in Russia or the Middle East.)
Same with a lot of the Africans. A lot of the "hot" ones end up in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other M.E. destinations. The "not so hot" ones end up in places like Pattaya.

I had to lol at one guy I worked with in Afghanistan. He wouldn't believe me when I told him about Pattaya. He thought Dubai was heaven on earth with all the Chinese and African hookers in the hotel bars and nightclubs. He did go to Pattaya once though, with a girl he'd picked up in Dubai.
Within a couple days he was running around trying to figure out how to get rid of the woman he'd brought so he could chase all the nicer ones he was seeing in Pattaya.
Silly goose !


Kerryd  did you finally get your PH D ?

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On 9/26/2019 at 10:07 AM, steve187 said:

so the African girl gets deported and the others get a warning, meanwhile the Thai's are nowhere to be found

Thai street walkers are frequently arrested and fined. 


The African was caught selling herself and contravened the conditions of her visa, obviously.  The report did not state that the others who were warned had been caught actually selling themselves, perhaps they were just seen loitering and the plice considered a warning appropriate, as is in their discretion.

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On 9/26/2019 at 10:35 AM, colinneil said:

How pathetic, this ilegal activity is damaging to Pattayas and  Thailands image.🤗

It is going on every day, every where, yet it is only noticed when it is foreigners doing it.

Reports of Thai street walkers being arrested and fined are frequently published.  No more can be done about them as they are not here on visas!

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