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Year long "Medical Visa" proposed to make Thailand top ten for Medical Tourism

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this could be something for me, hope to hear more about

requirements and which nationalities will be eligible

soon, i got too much pain to leave anyway.


how do i do if i want to follow this thread ?

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Treatment in public hospital in Thailand is just as much if not more than in the West.


Yes, care is much better than in the West but it is still just as expansive .


Not sure which Arab countries , but know some treatment is paid by the government. 


Would one have to provide extensive medical history and treatment plan to get the visa ?

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

Four countries are being proposed to add to those that can apply for ten year visas - these are South Korea, Belgium, Austria and New Zealand.

Rather than ad countries they should be sorting out the O-X visa itself, and getting rid of the crappy mandatory Thai insurance requirement and adding overseas insurance (which all of their current med treatment visitors are using anyway). 

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