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Hua Hin: Tourists help in ten kilometer clean up of the beach

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23 hours ago, NCC1701A said:

good work. Trash Heroes do this every Sunday in Hua Hin.


That stretch of beach is very near my house.

I take it that you joined them.  :tongue:

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Well done well done dear folks.

As a surfer I've been picking up plastic and other trash in the sea and on the beach since I was a small grommet ... makes you feel good to do a simple thing like that, open the heart to loving kindness and responsibility.

The trash on this beach comes for all over the globe or at least hundred if not thousands of miles around so the notion that tourists have no stake in cleaning up trash as we see it is a somewhat limited view in my opinion. There is no time-off when caring by simple decisions and simple actions for the world in which we live.

We need to change our mindset and be proactive in this care. This change in mindset about our waste and impact on our world is not in the hands of someone else but in yours and my hands, our hearts, and our minds. We are stewards of the world we live in, we don't own it.

We have no holiday or respite from our daily care of our environment and if anyone here on TV thinks otherwise then I respectfully suggest go and have a good think about that. 

If we visit and consume in this pretty place around HH or any other place, then we contributing to the pollution there.

The 'fact' is we are all stakeholders and citizens of this planet ... into which we are all throwing our trash without end and forethought. Go out tomorrow, collect some trash around and place it carefully in your bins. Go ask your local council how the trash is dealt with and support recycling. 

Refuse plastic cups and bags. Carry your own - recycle them over and over again. Buy some bamboo straws and donate them to your local school, drink stall/cafe, use them in your home, encourage and get your kids these things and educate them about why they are being given them. 

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20 hours ago, Scot123 said:

TAT should get on to this fantastic marketing opportunity "Come to Thailand and Clean Our Beaches". Phew work all year, save your pennies so you can come to Thailand and pick up rubbish... Yep sign me up........... Then on second thoughts I'll find somewhere that has clean beaches and clean sea where untreated sewage isn't pumped into the sea. 

Please let me know where there is some unpolluted sea and beaches where plastic trash doesn't come in on every tide,it does seem a universal problem.

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On 9/27/2019 at 11:37 PM, NCC1701A said:

yes this is south of the "Monkey Mountain" Wat.






super cool hipster people like me go to this beach:







I believe that there is one hotel on that beach.


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It would be an excellent idea if the people along Thailand’s rivers were told not to throw their garbage into rivers, perhaps show them pictures of the damage it causes in tourist areas.

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