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TVChaosuk down


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Thank you Crossy!  


I had a message overnight from the admins at TVC...



There are problems at the data centre which are still being investigated.

Sorry, but we don't yet have a time frame.

Thanks for your patience.

The TVChaosUK Team"
Looks like all is not lost.  
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Seems as if there is life, thus there is hope in the future for TVCHAOSUK and its members scattered around the world.


The message below   was posted  on their FB page around 5 hours ago. and sent to those of us who link to that page.


Hello everyone! As you all know the site is down. At this stage we can't say for sure how long it will be before we can get up and running again as we will need to move to a new home,, but rest assured that everything possible is being done and we will be back better and stronger than ever as soon as humanly possible..
I'm afraid that it is not possible for me to reply to you all individually so please keep an eye on this page and I will update you as soon as there is news. Thank you all for your support!

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15 minutes ago, Carlos Primeros said:


Check out the above link for detailed info...

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I have IPTV Club, it is actually back up and running, but under the circumstances I think it would be very irresponsible to recommend any IPTV at the moment.

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On 9/28/2019 at 7:15 PM, vogie said:

Many suppliers were raided by the police in europe, never heard of TVChaosUK, but my IPTV went down down last week, but I emailed the guy and he said he will change suppliers, which he did do, pretty much all up and running again now.

Many suppliers raided?  I thought just xstreams was busted so all the suppliers went down? Cannot see how that is related to TVchaos tho as that is/was a torrent sharing site, not an IPTV provider.

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16 hours ago, sammieuk1 said:

All those German police raiding data centers... well, it's not as if there's anything else going on in Germany that should be occupying their time.



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From The Facebook page 
TV Chaos UK
6 hrs · 

Update #2
Work is going well...we have found a new home and the tech department are busy getting everything installed and tweaked. Experience has taught us that this is not something that can be done in a rush so please bear with us. We hope to be back to a normal state of chaos within the next few days!
Please do not try to access the site until it is announced here...it won't work and repeated attempts could lead to the new system banning IPs!


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