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TVChaosuk down


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I must admit i loved the old site,even though i seeded far more than i uploaded,it was simple and easy to use,now its just more work ,i dont understand ,how much i can download any more,that is if there is anything ,and when i do download freeleach to seed,to build up points ,i dont understand how many i have got ,mind you before when i seeded i could see people downloading my seeds,now nothing.

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TV Chaos UK


It is just going to be one of those days folks...As you will have noticed the site is not stable and we can expect some more downtime.

Again can I ask everyone to stop every red torrent that came from the old site. This is absolutely vital as they are still sending literally millions of announces and are causing the server to massively overload.

The server and the new script really are not up to the job so we are working on ways to upgrade both, whilst still trying to maintain an interim service on the current site so that you do not miss out on your current shows.
Those who have been with us for years will know that this is nothing new...we have rebuilt several times and although it is always rough, we persevere and come back bigger and better each time so please continue to bear with us.

I am unable to answer any more password reset messages at this time...I can't change them, because I can't get in long enough!

Please don't send messages telling me that the site is down...It really isn't helpful and I won't be reading them until it is back up anyway!

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