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I am trying to add recording capability to my True Visions TV system.  The recorder TV used to use (3990 baht) and still advertises is and will be unavailable.  Have even contacted the original manufacturer and this device is no longer made.  True says I must buy my own recorder but their service number 1242 is unable to tell me exactly what I need to buy.  The original drive had two connections.  One to eSATA POWER and the other to eSATA on back of the receiver.  There is also a USB port available.  TV must reprogram the receiver which they will do but I need to know exactly what I need to buy for the drive (I assume just a portable 500 gigabyte drive) and what the connections are that I will need to be using (eSATA or USB).  Anyone have a solution to this?

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On 9/30/2019 at 6:18 PM, dlclark97 said:

Really want to record from True Vision for delayed viewing.  As True advertises you can record from the back of their receiver even two programs at the same time.  Thanks for your input though.

True no longer offers PVR and finding a recorder that has an eSATA input is not too difficult but they are expensive.  I recently did extensive research as I was considering this also.  You can buy a HDD docking station from ORICO Thailand that has an eSATA port, 1490 baht, and a 5400RPM HDD from JIB, 850 baht that will work. I communicated with ORICO about this.  We also agree that a  SSD should work also.  True specifies 500GB but I suspect larger capacity HDDs will work as it should only define the amount of content.  The ORICO docking station will accept up to 6TB.


Having said that I contacted TRUE and they finally admitted that they have discontinued PVR but will continue to support PVR.  They said that if I had a set top box go bad that they would replace it with one that had the ESATA ports, but wouldn't say for how long.  They also admitted that they have terminated their software development and support team for PVR.


So if you buy all of this equipment there is no guarantee that it will work in the future so I trashed the idea.


There's a thread on here that goes into the details, I'll try to find it and post a link here.

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