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PM warns private and public sectors to cooperate in reducing harmful emissions

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12 hours ago, webfact said:

The plans were designed to deal with haze on four levels, namely where PM2.5 dust particles are fewer than 50 microns, where PM2.5 particulate ranges from 51-75 microns, where PM2.5 particulate ranges from 76-100 microns and areas in which the PM2.5 dust particles exceed 100 microns.

hmm, I always thought that a micron is a measurement,
and that PM2.5 indicates a particle with an aerodynamic diameter equal to or smaller than 2.5 microns, which is thus, by definition, less than 50 microns.

something lost in translation, or someone that fails to understand what this is about is, sadly enough, writing anyway.

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Interesting...this time it's a "warns" and not a "vows" !

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6 hours ago, spidermike007 said:

We the people of Thailand are warning you General Prayuth. Do something about this horrendous problem, or you will be ousted by the people. Incompetence can only be tolerated for so long. You keep on jabbering, but you do nothing for the people. Proclamations, declarations, and crackdowns. But no action. Where is the action? Where is the plan? Why not go after all of the cane growers who keep sending massive amounts of smoke and noxious particles into the air? Why not crack down on 30 year old diesel trucks and buses, which spew black clouds into the air? Why not convert some of the diesel fired power plants into natural gas? Where is your plan? Why the complete lack of action? You claim to be a man of action. Where is the action to back up your claims? It is just a matter of time before the people have had enough and you will be out the door for good. 

He could also scrap the 2 coal fired power stations due to be built.




Thailand has around 10 coal-fired power plants at the moment of which nine of them belong to private sector with estimated capacity around 2,400 MW in total and one coal-fired power plant which is owned by Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). If we dig into the directory of EGAT’s coal-fired power plants, we can see that there are two projects which have been succeeded, the first is the Krabi coal-fired power plant which had capacity of 60 MW and started its operation in 1964 but later was terminated in 1995 and the second is Mae Moh coal-fired power plant in Lampang province with capacity of 2,400 MW. This plant was able to generate electricity since 1978 as well as generating respiration diseases for the people living nearby.

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From PBS article:
""The Prime Minister said that, if the PM2.5 level exceeds 100 microns, the haze will have become a national problem, warranting a meeting of a national-level committee to deal with it.""

that is in Bangkok then, or if in Chiangmai also?

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