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Far Fewer Farang Waltzing Down the Chiang Mai Streets These Days. Why?


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1 hour ago, chingmai331 said:

Fully agree with FolkGuitar on this one.  

You don't like it here, welcome to depart.

Neighboring states may invite you in, please send us a postcard.


Just between you and me, I could probably survive without the postcard...  🙂


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MisterBleach, you were here briefly in 2016 and now you are a Grab Driver here?


Regardless, I think the reason you are looking for can be found in the last line of the very song you posted.


"When will we ever learn".


Chiang Mai is still a good place to live, but Thailand needs to take responsibility for why tourists are shunning places like Chiang Mai in favor of other destinations and ex-pats are leaving. You have partially answered your own question in your post.


Certainly the haze, the value of the baht, the changing attitude of Thai people and how we are treated (i.e. "However, to Grab drivers, this question is important because it is the farang who tip the best") contribute.


But you need to look deeper, at things like TM30, 90-day reporting, crime, safety, environment, scams, owning 49% of a company, not being able to own land, corruption...etc etc.


And then you need to understand that other places are just more attractive now. Thailand had a good run, and it will always be popular with tourists, but I feel like Thailand will never recapture the glory days without massive re-thinking.


I can't leave at the moment. But if I could, I would.


You might want to get a second job as well as Grab.


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Some of the best and least injurious comments I have ever read on this site in response to such an open-ended topic.

Good job, guys!

Not even one comment was hurtful to anyone.

Astounding and equally heartwarming.

Maybe, Neil Young tunes work their magic, even here.

Neil Young seems to lack even one bad bone in his body.

And yet, he became successful, in anyone's estimation.

I believe that Neil Young was not referring to skin color when he wrote this tune.

My very best to all kind souls who lurk about us.

In fact, I do believe that there are far more kind people among us than we might know.



However, since all the comments above, with the exception of one, are nice, then I will be happy to conform.


In fact, just like Tina Turner.....


I want to keep it NICE.



And Easy.


So, in this tribute to Tina Turner.......


Let's keep everything NICE....


And, EASY.







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