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‘Love, Money, and Obligation ’: Why (some) Isaan women love Caucasions


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19 minutes ago, soalbundy said:

I doubt the latter. A few months ago while seemingly asleep in a hammock I heard a conversation amongst 5 women of my village, ages reigning from 30 to 50. Normally they would speak khmern which i don't understand but because two of the women came from outside Isaan they spoke Thai. The conversation centered around their teenage sons and the difficulty of raising them but soon turned to their husbands and the two women in the village who actually liked sex ! This astounded them, what do they see in it, as far as I'm concerned it's hard work I can do without etc. I like it when my husband is drunk because then he just rolls over and goes to sleep, or, I like to keep being fat because my husband finds it unattractive and so on and so on. One said she is friends with her husbands mia noi and invites her round to eat so that the relationship keeps going, keeps him off of me. It was a real eye opener.

there arent many nymphos around,

its the only one i ever encountered.

...and besides, from what i can judge,

sex party was her sole reason to sneak away to meet me,

she would leave me when she got her fix.

from so many years relation, i can only recall one single time we met when we didnt have 4 hour sex party,

and she thought it sucked. ' i go home, you go home'


my last gf in this life was of the kind you refer to tho, praying to buddha 24/7,

i never knew life could be so miserable,

i died inside in pure boredom

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On 10/3/2019 at 10:54 PM, brokenbone said:

out of the 3 thai woman i had a relation with,

2 was innit for my money and 1 was innit for my penis.


Is that how you ended up with a brokenbone ?

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