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On 10/9/2019 at 4:02 AM, 007 RED said:

@drtreelove.... Once again many thanks for your input, its very much appreciated. 


I'm certainly interested in the range of COF that are available from Organic Totto.  Looking at their website ( https://www.organictotto.com/ ), it appears that you can purchase their products online.  However, as the shop is relatively easy to get to from our home Nakon Pathom, we will take a ride out there next week and have a look.  No doubt Mrs MoneyBaht will be doing some shopping and I foresee that we will come back home with a boot full of COF.

PM me if you want my wife and daughter contact info. They know the shop and one or both of them may take you there. Try to see the English speaking owner manager, I forget her name. She also runs their organic farm in Phichit province.  Tell Mrs MoneyBaht to buy some of their EM too. 


Oh, I just realized, Nakhon Pathom, you are right down the road from the bone meal factory.  Connect with Evolare and his wife. They have a lot of good materials to get you started on your own COF. That's where I buy most of mine.  


And attached is an excerpt from Steve Solimon's book. from the chapter on COF.  

But dude, if ya ain't 'merican, ya gotta do the math. 

84 The Intelligent Gardener.pdf

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Namdocmai green is prone to split....when the trunk splits it is cause by a lack of boron.


I would spray the tree with seaweed extract or chemical minerals....it contains zinc, manganese, boron, iron and much more.


They sell packs of it in thailand, made for fruit tree's.


Yes rain also sure helps causing them to split...you can cover the soil with a tarp..

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On 10/11/2019 at 11:13 AM, drtreelove said:

I'm with Red, I don't think in his case it is anthracnose.  The water issue can be not only heavy watering, but rapid changes, from dry conditons to wet, or visa versa. 

But I'm curious, what fungicide are you using? What are the "several potential problems"?  What is the timing in relation to the stage of the problems? Are you spraying proactively, for potential perceived problems, or do you have early signs, or advanced conditions? The use of fungicides should be specific, for the target pathogen, and the timing has to be appropriate for the stage of the disease.  Otherwise you are guessing and maybe wasting material and money.  If you are striving to transition into organic methods and materials, some fungal diseases can be prevented with biological fungicides, avoiding the heavy hitters, chemical fungicides.  And high nutrient density soil improvements will help with plant resistance to disease. 

Post or PM and I'll help best I can. 

I leave it to the wife to diagnose any potential problem.  And I let her pick and mix the chemi.  It doesn't make sense me doing it if I can not read Thai!  I do know some chemi may have a duel purpose and some can be mixed together in the airbus. With 3 other orchards metres away from ours if they have it we will certainly get it.  

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