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Web Design - multiple websites

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I work in Seattle, but live in Bangkok and commute back and forth. I'm a partner at a small property developer and management firm. We're emerging from the mom-and-pop style of doing business into a larger, more professional firm. Our websites are a total mess.


I'm looking for a Bangkok based web designer/web design firm familiar with AppFolio integration to:

  • Help overhaul an awful, outdated tenant portal/property management website
  • Overhaul our (separate) corporate private equity website, which is currently a WordPress based hack job
  • Redirect/update/procure a series of other online properties that will ultimately point to subdomains and pages under those two master websites.


I've gotten quotes from specialty property management companies and they aren't flexible enough to do the job (and are a fortune).

If you haven't done work with AppFolio (or Yardi) before, this probably isn't the job for you. I have a decent set of current state/desired state specs/reference sites, but I don't want to start from Property Management 101 with a designer.


Please message me here with links to work samples if you are (or know someone/a firm) who is:

  • Local to Bangkok and willing/able to consult in person
  • Experienced with designing property management websites
  • Able to help in short order (both availability and speed of work)
  • A responsible, professional person/company


Thanks for your help!

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Got a somewhat extensive network in web/IT, could look around if you want - send me a PM if so 🙂


I've been in webtech since 98 myself, but mostly in mixed roles - especially due to the messy nature of it all...


For the Wordpress part: got lots of contacts, doing WP myself & could perhaps give some advice - in fact I think you should run all of this through several, experienced people before laying out a new architecture & strategy.

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Я живу в России. Мужчина, 50 лет. Опыт создания сайтов с 2002 года. WordPress с 2007 года. Последние проекты WordPress и проект Laravel 5 Framework. Жду предложения в личку.


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