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Asking for tips on being environmental on a low budget

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Hi all helpers!


New to Thailand and am now living in Chiang Mai. Will probably be here for around 1 year and I try to be as environment friendly as I can. Since I don't have a job and now living by my savings, I still want to know what things I can do here (buy organic food, recycling etc.) if I try to be more environmental?

Are there any good organisations here that work with such questions?

Best regards

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You can refuse to accept any plastic bags especially plastic carry bags.

Its not true. That is typical thai bashing and thai hating common on this forum. Thais have been at the forefront of eco activities for decades, land and forests conservation,  campaigns against damns

And don't accept straws for drinks.  Always carry a cloth tote bag or light backpack with you for your purchases.  Bring your own reusable food storage containers if you expect to get take-away or bri

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2 hours ago, FredGallaher said:

 reusable shopping bags in the car.  

BTW driving your car will emit far more "pollution" than that coming from the manufacture of plastic bags you use in a lifetime.  But of course a good start using cloth bags or a backpack. 

So walking and bicycling reduces your carbon footprint obviously, public transportation etc...

Living in an area with breezes in a dwelling that has windows or doors to allow a cross breeze helps immensely on air conditioning energy cost, hence carbon footprint.  

Am sure many tips available on a Google search

Or watch old episodes of Gilligan's Island, they figured out how to live emission free and off the grid :thumbsup:

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Your decent endeavours will not be well received here on this forum. Check Chang Mai university for eco groups. Carry your own shopping bag, sort your unclean rubbish and put your cans,  and bottles separately to make it easier for the night scavengers. Most Thai festivals and parades have a strong eco contingent so check them out. Walk everwhere rather than get buses. Hand launder your own clothes. Shower in cold water. 2 pints is more than enough. Eat only raw food. Only flush the toilet for solids..on alternate days. Get up at daybreak and sleep at sunset to save electricity. Anybody got any more suggestions?

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On 10/6/2019 at 2:37 AM, Cristiancjb said:

Yeah, I would skip the car but unfortunately where I live and with a baby coming, it's gonna be way too tough without car. However I will reduce y consumption of meat and see what else I can reduce without sacrificing too much. 

Get one of those m'bikes with a sidecar to reduce petrol consumption.

Buy food at markets, not supermarkets.

No chance with rubbish disposal or organic food. 


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