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Sin Sod - who here got married without paying and what makes it not apply?

Did you pay sin sod when marrying?  

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Who here has gotten married without paying sin sod? What factors also influence sin sod not being applicable where a Thai person wouldn't pay it? Would they do it if the girl was dirvorced? What about if she had a kid already? What about both? Any other circumstances?

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2 minutes ago, sunnyboy2018 said:

It has nothing to do with selling people

No, it hasn´t. That bacause in real Thai tradition this money is just for show and shall after the marriage and the show be returned to the married couple for a good start in their marriage.

You see, I knew that too. Is there something more you wish to inform me about today, sunnyboy2018?

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Who cares. We end up taking care one way or the other. If it is your first marriage to anyone w=then have a good time if you have to baht to rub together. . 

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