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Line. How to upload profile pic that people cannot 'like' or comment on?

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Line App.


Most people's photos  and/or profile picture can be liked or commented on. Then other contacts of theirs can see who liked it or commented on it. I've seen a few profile pics now that don't have the option to like or comment on.


Or is it automatic that nobody can like or comment on your profile pic?



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There is a setting who is allowed to comment on your profile (or whatever they call it in LINE).

You can set this for individual users and you can say default all new users are allowed or not allowed to comment.

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Go to Home and click on your profile picture (upper left of screen) then click on POSTS.  Beside the post you want to edit there are 3 horizontal dots (...).  Click on that and click on "Edit privacy".  You have 3 options, Public, Only me, and Friends.  You can also go into friends and exclude some of them.


I believe you can also do this before you post.

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