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Almost denied entry METV DMK

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22 minutes ago, FredGallaher said:


If you want to extend your'll need to check the rules. I thought it was 800K (retirement), 400K (married to Thai), and 500K ( taking care of minor child). However, I'm not a expert. Best to check with your immigration office.

The 500k baht is for being the parent of a foreign child attending school.

For the parent of a Thai child it is 400k baht in the bank.

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1 hour ago, ryanhull said:

Anyway the reason I am telling you this is becuase I was told by many she would have been bluffing me, but no they can put holds on you getting in again on a tourist visa/stamp plus even extending. I was luckily granted 20 days and had to book a flight in-front of them (which I never got on).

If you have a Thai son, why did you not ask for a 60-day extension to visit him rather than a tourist extension?

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20 hours ago, Tony125 said:
  9 hours ago, lupin said:

you do understand you cannot work in any way shape or form in Thailand on the Elite Visa right? It falls under the classification of a tourist visa and specifically states this on application/terms and conditions and on their website faq.

I don't care about work.


I thought it had already been clarified upthread that the idea of an Elite Visa (Type PE?) is not that of a Tourist Visa (Type TR) even if it falls under the same category.  One lets you stay full time and one doesn't.  Like others, I wish there were clear rules around Tourist Visa entries/durations of stay, but most of the TR cases refused are clearly too far away from being described as tourists.

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On 10/8/2019 at 10:00 AM, FredGallaher said:

Sounds like your upset because of the requirement of keeping 800K in the bank. With the falling pound I realize it more difficult than getting a letter from your embassy

Not no more.....

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