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Is Pattaya now set for the era of the Indians?

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Is Pattaya now set for the era of the Indians?

By Dan Cheeseman




It was only last month that I had a fascinating interview with local entrepreneur Mike Weller who was gushing at just how big the Indian opportunity now is in Pattaya.



I was a bit taken back by posters across the social networks where I shared the post that simply would not accept the Indians were bringing any value to Pattaya. Claiming Thailand would regret squeezing out the Western market and turning to the Chinese and Indians. It came across as sour grapes to me and also a delusion of grandeur from many of the Brits and Aussies that for some reason hold themselves on such a high global status.


I am a Brit and in the past probably have fallen victim to such delusions but am now refocused and aligned to the shift in the global market. I can see just how real this Chinese and Indian market has become and see no reason for it to not to continue growing.


It is well documented what is happening in Thailand with the Chinese tourist and investor but still, the Indian market gets skirted over by many who refuse to accept anything other than the stereotypical images.




But they are wrong to do so and I think the winners in Pattaya will be those that embrace the Indian market as there is an increasing percentage who have good money in the pocket and are ready to spend it.


Just this week I was with a hotel developer and they exactly spoke of the shift in investors that parallel what we are seeing through tourism. They said before the Western market was good but now that has cooled, then the Russians came but that too has eased off; both due to changes in exchange rates from their end. Then the Chinese started to buy but as their exchange rates became less strong against the baht and getting money out of their country that slowed, but now has recovered somewhat.  He then said what others have also been saying, that the Indians were now becoming a very important market for selling too.


Full story: https://danaboutthailand.com/2019/10/02/is-pattaya-now-set-for-the-era-of-the-indians/



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Posted (edited)

Seems not enough for a photo opportunity.

Instead decorating the article with the typical Chinese crowd from the speedboat.

Let's hope the Indians do not care for boat trips :shock1:


If you want to see Indians go to "little Bombay" (as I call it), Soi 16 off Pattaya Klang (Central rd.). Amazing. Indian food from all regions e.g.


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