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Looking for computer tutor for 8 yr old in central bkk

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Hello all, Im looking for someone to come to my home in central bangkok/silom area twice a week for about an hour each time, to teach computer programming to an 8 year old.


He is very sharp and can write simple programs in "auto-it", a BASIC like scripting language for windows. He has lots of ideas about what he would like to do. I helped him write a program to generate word search puzzles recently. He can write simple stuff all on his own using simple input/output commands, if-then flow control. He is a talented scratch programmer. He has a list of lots of stuff he wants to do, for example, make a minecraft mod, make a computer Uno game (two people play against each other on the computer), etc.


Anyway if anyone potentially may have an interest please be in touch. Thank you.




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