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Dr. Greger is about to release a diet book

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  In the forum there has been lots of good advice on picking a diet you can stick with for a long time.  In this video Dr. Greger explains that won't be good enough once the plateau comes you will need to further restrict yourself.  UGH!  He also debunks the whole 3500 calories restricted equals a pound of weight loss theory in another video if anyone is interested I will dig it up.




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Is there a  chapter  where  it  addresses the issue of  how  most people  get  over weight and unhealthy  because they  simply eat way to  firkin  much in excess of energy requirements ?

I would  enjoy the  announcement  of the  release of a  single explanatory paragraph publication that promotes a simple  combination of a  blender, a straw,  super  glue, lips.

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