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Bread Making Machine -recommendations?

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Hi all,


I found this thread from 2 years ago but it seems closed for replies...

On that old thread 3 brands were mentioned namely:

Homemate brand from Verasu - found their website, seems they have 4 models ranging from 2990 to 5990 THB
moulinex bread machine - Can't find an outlet in Thailand..
Morries 19 in 1 bread machine - Found on Lazada for 4590 THB


As it's been 2 years since the last posting on that older thread, I wonder if there any new recommendations for brand / price / service / spare parts.


Thanks 🙂

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dont. they break easy. cheaper to buy bread made in shop - better too.

unless you import specialist breadmaker machine and pay heaps for best ingrediants.

up to you.



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I did all the research sometime ago and the only one to buy is a Panasonic. About 7000 baht + though. Most of those Lazada ones are rubbish.


If you have a decent mixer and a kneading hook, or dont mind kneading by hand PM me and Ill give you a simple step by step no fail bread recipe. Makes two huge soft / crusty loaves for the price of a kilo flour. I dont even use bread tins anymore just put the two loaves on a pizza tray. Ull need an oven of course

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